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Show some love with a Guam Bus Discount Code! (Our web host and PayPal don't offer actual gift cards)
If you have any special requests (specific amount, quantity, etc.), please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate.

**Here's how your discount code works… This virtual gift code is a personal, one time use, discount code that you can give to someone else. Upon purchase we will then email you this special code. Once you have the code, you can do whatever you want with it! Text it to a very special person on their birthday... Email it to your friends with kids... Write the code on a handmade holiday card and send it to your cousin living in the diaspora that has been talking about learning Chamoru :)

It works just like any other discount code. It will be used when shopping on our website, during checkout. It can only be used once, and applied to one transaction.
IMPORTANT: The code cannot discount a transaction to $0 or below. Unfortunately the customer will have to pay at least $0.01 after applying the discount code, otherwise PayPal will not allow the order to go through. We've made the discount code prices end in .99 cents to hopefully help prevent that.

ATTENTION: Please check your email (even your junk/spam folder) the next day after your purchase of the voucher. We will email you the unique gift voucher code, and don't want you to miss it!