• Makåhna

“Makahna,” Chamorro for “Wizard or Sorcerer,” is a historical action comic book that takes place in Ancient Chamorro Society. Fu’una is the spirit that created and breathed life into the Chamorro people, and every 13 years the villages of Guam would gather and pit their strongest warriors against each other. The victor would earn their clan the mark of clan Fu’una, a great privilege throughout the Marianas. These mighty warriors have been said to do amazing things, such as have mythical strength, able to control the natural elements, or able to channel the spirits of the ones who came before. In this contest, Ega’ga’. The champion from Malesso’, and Teknas, from Hagatna, have the honor of dueling for the ultimate right to bear the mark.

Written by Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Illustrations by Jack Lujan Bevacqua.

28 Pages in Chamorro/English. Comic Book. Black & White. 6.625" X 10.25". Published by The Guam Bus. 2015.
4th Printing 2022.

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